The reviews below are very close to my heart and inspire me to keep dreaming big. All reviews are genuine reactions of clients after receiving the photographs. I'm so grateful for each of them!


Anouk Dautzenberg

Horse Coach, Energetic Healer
& Educator

"Dear, dear, DEAR but mostly TALENTED Jessie: these images are insane. I watched everything with a lump in my throat. You have captured me, with the animals, in such a natural way. So beautiful!! A thousand times thank you for these amazing pictures. Seriously, you don't know how happy I am! (...) Don't underestimate yourself beautiful woman! You've got a huge amount of talent and can make energy almost tangible.

Such a gift!"

Mwanini Makangira

Co-founder Own Your Glow

"OMG. I LOVE IT. I LOOOOOOVEE IT. You're amazing. You captured me. Like the real me. I'm so excited. These are pictures I will show my kids one day. Like look how pretty mommy was.


Omg. I just scrolled down one finger, I'm already a fan. What a job you did girl. I. LOVE. THEM. LOVE THEM. LOOHOOVEEEE THEM. I can't make a voice memo right now. But lord girl you are talented!!! My arms and how you managed to get the light on it. Fucking DOPE. LOVE ittt."


Isabelle de Roos

"I’ve had an amazing photoshoot with Jessie. I was pregnant for 32 weeks and really wanted my belly to be captured. Jessie chose a beautiful setting in Amsterdam where I felt right at home. The photographs turned out so beautiful we actually decided to print it on a large canvas. I was super nervous at the start of the shoot, but felt at ease really quickly. Jessie captured me during a very special moment in my life; I’m super grateful to her. I’d recommend this to everyone."


Jaydee Rezvani

"WOW. They're seriously amazing. I'm just speechless!!! LOVE the pictures in the water!!!! like you said: THE LIIIIGHT!!!"

UvA student


Liza Klok

Holistic Coach

"Jes, this isn't normal. Just realize for a moment that you captured me: in the midst of a burn-out and right after a break-up. Without make-up. At my most vulnerable. I was extremely nervous, because the insecurities about myself (and my body) are so deeply rooted. But Jesus Jes, this is just insane. I still find it hard to look at myself and some pictures are semi confronting, but you could not have captured me any more real and raw. This is who I am. It's all becoming so clear to me now. I can really love myself even more and good is good enough. That said I can't thank you enough. The shoot was amazing, the pictures are and so are you, totally. I'm gonna continu crying now, a thousand times thank you. Please keep doing what you're doing. Your pictures tell a story and set healing in motion. More than I could ever tell you. No amount of money can compete with this. You're the best."


Marina Palmarini

Coach, Energy Healing
& Hypno Therapy

I was looking for a professional photographer to take pictures of me for my website. What I found at the end, was the part of myself I struggled to accept for a long time.


With her camera, Jessie captured my beautiful light, as no one else ever did before; but she also was able to catch my shadows, my hidden wounds, and my pain. Aka, the part me I wished no one would have ever seen. 


Traditional photographers, are very good at hiding and retouching what we don’t like about our physicality. And we immediately like the results because we only see what we like about ourselves.


But no one dares to put a mirror in front of you, inviting you to face your shadows so you can understand why you don’t like that part of you and why you want so desperately hide what everyone else would describe as the best part of you: perhaps your cheeks, your chin or your eyes...


Jessie did. Unapologetically. And this, more than anything else, for the first time made me follow in love with the beautiful images she captured of me.


Thank you, Jessie. Without you, I would have not been able to see and follow in love with the best part of myself: my perfect imperfections.


Joeke van der Pijl

"Oh. My. Goooooood. Jes I'm a little speechless. Sounds weird to say this about myself but you've really captured me as a beautiful, strong and pure woman. It looks so beautiful and unique and well... I've never seen myself like this before. And afterwards I was thinking, how special it actually was how fluent everything went, how relaxed I was feeling, how we were working together... so yeah I mean I want to give you a massive compliment because the outcome is just amazing. I'm actually really proud of us! And super happy." 


Anahita Rezvani

Rapid transformational Therapy
& (Business) Coaching

"I just wanted to tell you, seriously, how incredibly happy I am with the pictures. You captured me exactly how I really am. Just the look and feel, the colors, the light, it's PERFECT! Not just for my website but also what I want to radiate. You have really, really outdone yourself. I've had many photoshoots in the past, with people who won prizes, people from the press, people who do whatever- they don't even come close. I've never had results like this before and I really needed you to know. So again thank you so, so, so much.


Sanne Hordijk

"I'm watching them for the fourth time already!! So beautiful but so crazy as well to see yourself in so many different ways. I've never seen so many sides of myself. You really get to know yourself in a whole different way. I'm completely overwhelmed. It's really special to have pictures like these. It seems to be the greatest gift I could have ever given myself. I can't stop looking at them. Thank u forever this is already one of the most beautiful things that happened 

this year <3"