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Hello! I’m Jessie. A woman from 1994 of Dutch origin, with some far-away Polish/Frisian roots. 


Thank you for being here and wanting to get to know me a little bit better. If you haven’t worked with me yet, you should know that connection is a key ingredient for me when it comes to capturing you. So i’m happy you’re here to connect with me a little more!


About photography and how I got here: 


When I was young I was often the creative child that loved to draw and create things. When I was about 14, I got fascinated by the camera of my dad’s girlfriend at the time and eventually bought my first camera when I was 17. I loved to take portraits of my friends. But like many of us, I learned that to be successful in life meant to go after the most prestigious diploma’s, followed by prestigious jobs and an equal income. I was well on my way to get just there, but the end of the road resulted in a burn-out.


One day, during the summer of 2020, it hit me like a brick. It felt like my heart was screaming at me to STOP living like this. I wanted to escape the 9-to-5 life and do something that would actually fulfill me. And my heart said that was photography.

So, here I am!

Photo by Amanda Drost

I'll be honest with you, I literally took a leap of faith, as I had no plan B or financial back-up. Dramatic as it may sound, it was really a matter of 'now or never'. It has definitely not been easy. But so far... I haven't regretted it for a second. 

Now. Let's talk about YOU! You came here because perhaps you feel drawn towards my work. I'd like to believe I do more than just making photo's. I find it important to capture you in the most authentic version possible. For this to happen, it is crucial for you to feel safe and comfortable in my space. And for this reason, I spend a lot of energy and time in getting to know the person in front of the camera and creating the safe space for you to be yourself.

As you can read in my reviews, this experience can be empowering as it is confronting. Being authentic is not always something that we celebrate in modern society, for we became too busy with measuring ourselves with the (misleading) Western beauty ideals and perfect lives we see on social media. It's hard for us to recognize our authentic beauty. But when you finally do, it's the most liberating and self-loving feeling. I hope, with my photography, I can contribute to this.



"Self Portrait", 2021


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Fotoacademie Amsterdam 
Applied Psychology BASc

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