2020, narcissistic parent

Final work for Fotoacademie Amsterdam, 2020

"Narcissistic Parent" is about the effects of narccisistic emotional abuse and the possibility of recovery afterwards. The serie puts emphasis on the emotional, spiritual, mental and sometimes even physical damage a Narcissistic Personality Disorder causes with children from parents with such a diagnosis. And yet, there is still light at the end of the tunnel: a possibility to find acceptance, peace and healing.

In this series the patterns and characteristics of these often very damaging relationships are portrayed through symbolization, following a storyline from beginning to end.  


2021 - now
'motherhood, uncensored.'

Realistic portraits about pregnancy and motherhood.

'Voorbij de Roze Wolk' Exposition Museum Amsterdam Noord from March 2023 - August 2023

Motherhood can be one of the most exhilarating times in a woman's life, full of love, joy and fulfillment. Yet this is not always the full- or even the realistic picture.

Motherhood, Uncensored is a project that was created because of the story of a single woman, Martina Lucchesi, who experienced two miscarriages. During this time, she felt incapabel, emotionally broken and very lonely. It seemed like she was solely surrounded by women who experienced the opposite: happily announcing their healthy pregnancies in the media, on personal social media platforms and even in real life. Then her midwife told her that what she experienced was in fact completely natural, and that every 2 in 10 pregnancies end as a miscarriage.

"Why is no one talking about this?" She wondered. 

The aim of this project is to create a source of support and inspiration for women by showing the world how large the spectrum of motherhood is. It is not just healthy pregnancies and being on cloud nine after a baby is born. Motherhood is also insecurity, disconnection, absence of the desire to be a mother, being overwhelmed, trauma's, ecstasy, intense love, gratitude, pain and life-changing transformation- both positive and 'negative'.

These are the uncensored stories of motherhood on both ends of the spectrum and everything in between.