beauty is when you're so

connected to your heart,

you don't need to explain anything, 

to anyone

Jonathan van Ness


fine art portraits 

Are about you. The real you.

With photography as a vehicle, I hope to transform the way beauty is perceived. 

In this field I encounter many women with mild or major insecurities. Without fully realizing so, every woman compares herself to the beauty 'ideal' of today, and let their self-worth depend on how much they look alike this myth.

So I am here to tell you beauty is not about your skin (color), your fat percentage, the length of your hair or even your gender. 
Real beauty is to be unapologetic. Beauty is being connected to your heart. It's being your authentic, unique self. It's the beaming energy you radiate because of this. It's self-love. It's courageous. It's freedom. And in this society, it's pretty damn rebellious.

Fine art portraits are about this energy and your unique traits. And because every soul is unique, so is every fine art portrait.

During this session we get to know you and create a personalized concept that will bring out the best in you, involving location, fashion and if desired hair/make-up styling. The results are custom, timeless photographs of a pure and authentic you, to cherish for a very long time. 



"your pictures
are medicine."

- liza 

branding photography

You and your business. 

You're on a mission to make the world a better place, one day at a time. As an entrepreneur/business owner, you've got unique, individual qualities that make you and your business stand out from the crowd

Today, the way we show ourselves (online) matters more than ever before. And from personal (marketing) experience I can tell you this: people are starting to realize when the identity you portray is authentic- or just merely a hollow branding strategy.

As with my portraits, authenticity for me is key. When I photograph entrepreneurs and their businesses, the most essential part for me is capturing everything as it is (in the best angles possible). No forced posing or smiling. Just some nudges to bring out the best of the real you and your service.

The result? Pictures that radiate authenticity and customers/clients that will feel genuinely attracted to you and your services because of this.


"These images are insane.

I watched everything with a lump in my throat. You have captured me,
with the animals, in such a
natural way. so beautiful!!
A thousand times thank
you for these amazing pictures."

Anouk Dautzenberg
Horse Coach & Energetic Healer
Guidance Academy | Paard & Intuïtie


Part 9 - Narcissistic Parent for Fotoacademie, 2020

editorial work

projects with a message

As an Applied Psychologist I am and have always been very fascinated by the human psyche. How we suffer and how we flourish- both because of our minds and what we choose to believe. 

In nowadays society things are improving, but there is still so much to learn from each other. As an artist I feel a strong urge to change peoples perceptions about topics such as motherhood, the Western beauty ideal and mental health problems. And rather than trying to convince your brain, I'd rather make you feel things through photographs; as one picture can change perspectives like words not always can.